Lyssna på amatörradio via din Iphone


Att kunna lyssna på diverse amatörradio och annat intressant från en rad länder på sin Iphone kan vara intressant. Action Scanner Pro fungerar som en riktig scanner och du lägger till dina val i olika banker som sen kan scannas. Det mesta som erbjuds är polis, brand och flygradio från utlandet, men det finns även möjlighet att lyssna på D-Star från Sverige via SL6ZAQ samt Swedish Westcoast Amateurs Repeaters.

Programmet finns att köpa på Appstore och kostar 30kr, finns även en gratisversion.

another quick scan with my yaesu ft-7800

another quick scan

Kenwood TH-F6A HT Amateur Radio Transceiver Demo

Just showing my new Kenwood TH-F6A HT radio and demonstrating SSB and CW receive on 20 meters. This radio offers FM receive and transmit capabilities on three different amateur radio bands, (2 meters, 1.25 meters and 70 cm) as well as receive from 100 Khz (LW) to 1.3 Ghz offering different modes such as wide and narrow band FM, AM, LSB, USB and CW. (100 Hz tuning is offered for SSB and CW tuning.) BY the way, I was also able to decode PSK-31 transmissions on 14.070 Mhz on this HT by feeding the audio from the HT to my lap top computer using a PSK-31 decoder program. Three FM transmit power levels with the supplied Li-ion battery pack High: 5 watts, Low: 1/2 Watts Extra Low: 50 Milliwatts The unit has 2 VFO’s A and B and 400 memory channels which can also be programmed via a PC to radio interface cable via an interface program provided by Kenwood.(Uploading radio operating parameters and memory configuration is so much faster than manually punching in the data from the radio’s keyboard and the configurations can be saved to a file on the PC.) E-mail address: Home website:

Mobile Amateur radio video #2

Better video of the N5OTY mobile amateur radio station.

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