Inside Gaming Plus: CES Splinter Cell Conviction Interview (Consumer Electronics Show) Click this to watch the Splinter Cell Conviction Co-op Campaign Walkthrough Trailer! Inside Gaming Plus: CES Splinter Cell Conviction Interview (Consumer Electronics Show) At CES, the guys at Ubisoft were nice enough to walk us through some new gameplay in the all new Splinter Cell Conviction. Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high Splinter Cell Conviction Ubisoft Montreal Entertainment Software Maxime Béland LEAD Microsoft Windows PC Computer Xbox 360 X360 Xbox360 stealth action video game Double Agent Sam Fisher fischer UPC 008888523840 008888683841 008888220015 CES consumer electronics show computer video games interview tom clancy clancey the dead pixel thedeadpixel deadpixel inside gaming plus insidegaming ig igp igplus special coverage news episode part day las vegas

25 Responses to “Inside Gaming Plus: CES Splinter Cell Conviction Interview (Consumer Electronics Show)”

  1. steveincairo Says:

    The first three SC games get better as you go. They become more refined and the like. Sometimes they can be frustrating as hell though, but they are still good stuff.

  2. DaShortOne23 Says:

    @xxevanatorxx You know what, call me a ”Dip Shit” when you learn how to spell.

  3. xxevanatorxx Says:

    Whateva….Dip Shit..

  4. DaShortOne23 Says:

    @xxevanatorxx If you’re so fat and lazy you can’t fully type the words ”What Ever” you are a bigger dip shit than I thought.

  5. V1DEOM4N Says:

    Is faceoff sp[lit screen?

  6. Gamerguyscom Says:

    @V1DEOM4N Yes

  7. ziye08 Says:

    yes it is. I think it’s GFWL, not sure though.

  8. V1DEOM4N Says:

    Thanks mate =]

  9. foxhound1016 Says:

    u need to play first 3 before cuz it has big twist

  10. foxhound1016 Says:

    to bad it comes out in april wat the hell r they doing

  11. RE0514 Says:

    @foxhound1016 they said that they wanted to add more levels to the coop story line which i think most people are fine with but its just that the game was supposed to be relased in 2008 then it got rebooted then in fall of 2009 then delayed till feb 23 2010 fine but again till april. shit this is the chinese democracy of video games!!!

  12. cduffduff Says:

    Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
    Release date(s) NA April, 13 2010
    EU April, 15 2010
    AUS April, 15 2010

  13. cduffduff Says:

    @RE0514 yhhh around 07 08 but wat actually happend is that the majoraty of the game got scrapet

  14. RE0514 Says:

    @cduffduff which im fine with type splinter cell conviction and they will have videos of the orginal game that was supposed to be conviction but i like this one better

  15. budgieness Says:

    this game looks really amazing! why the hell did they move it???!!!! sheer torture….

  16. MegaD00M1 Says:

    do u get this coop thing with the game?

  17. park950613 Says:

    this is actually 5th and there is 4 games that is came out splinter cell, pandora tomorrow,chaos theory, double agent

  18. moviebuff18f Says:

    wow guys, definately in my top 3 games EVER, super happy ive managed to test it before its official releace. lots of sites offer beta copies, i got mine from BetaTestGamers must play more lol

  19. EfeCazim10 Says:

    feb 23 my ass

  20. 1983Dave1983 Says:

    ”Actually he just jammed the barrel of his gun in his throat and broke his larynx… is literally what he did”

    Did anyone else laugh as hard as I did when he said that? 😀

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  23. PlanAcid Says:

    Hey I just started a channel and was wondering if you could check it out and tell me what you think =D

  24. THEMA1LMAN Says:

    @whiskylimped hahaha at least mgs didnt need a reboot like splinter cell. and now that the game has been out for a while, compare the review scores/sales for each. then wallow in your failure.

  25. whiskylimped Says:

    @THEMA1LMAN ahahha you scrolled down 5 pages to a comment i posted 7 months ago? AHHAHAHHAH go be fat somewhere else no one likes you ahhaahhah Seriously? thats what you do? scroll through comment pages for something to bitch about? haAHHAHAH god that made my day you are retarded

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