Inside Gaming: CES Coverage Of Day 1 (Consumer Electronics Show, mass effect 2, MAG, Capcom)) Click this to watch Inside Gaming: 1/6/2010 (CES Preview & Holiday Recap) Inside Gaming: CES Coverage Of Day 1 (Consumer Electronics Show, Mass Effect 2, MAG, Capcom) Hey guys and welcome to Inside Gaming and our special CES coverage going on right now in the hot as hell Las Vegas. Come back tomorrow for more CES videos! FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high Inside Gaming IG news machinima Khail dead pixel video games trailer twitter youtube CES PC computer xbox 360 Las Vegas Outside Et Cetera ETC Bioware mass effect super street fighter 4 ssf sequels guns space future unreal engine Area Hotel Zipper Interactive Massive Action Game Playstation ps3 sony FPS MMO servers Nevada fight train machine respawn 14633159820 711719811022 013388330119 casino expo convention Consumer Electronics Show mag

25 Responses to “Inside Gaming: CES Coverage Of Day 1 (Consumer Electronics Show, mass effect 2, MAG, Capcom))”

  1. chan0chap Says:

    fucking idiots covering games on CES.
    its about the hardware not games

  2. SocialKindOfGuy Says:

    I say it because I don’t want to spend time messeging people who are retarded and want to talk shit about everything on the internet. The world would be a lot safer, more pure and interesting if we did not have the internet. People would get out more and get real hobbies. As of now I refuse to reply to anyone who is talking trash for no reason as I know they are a fucker who has no life or any real aspirations apart from trolling the internet. Over and out.

  3. ArminMeiwes23 Says:

    My hobbies are movies, play videogames, shows, draw and paint, miniaturism and fool around with my friends. Like me, there are a lot of people who probably like similar things. I beleave that my hobbies are fine, and i need the internet to make the moust out of it. There’s nothing wrong about the inthernet, stupids are everywhere in the real life and of course here. I’m not searching for an response but do what you whant, i undernstand your point. see ya

  4. kungenchrille Says:


    and the word is…

    ”Dedicated servers” yaaaaaaaaaay

  5. catrinaboydmi Says:

    I think this game is totally rad I play it frequently at birthdays with my aunts they are awesome at it. I downloaded the game totally free for my sony ps3 from here: 115 games |.| com they have literally hundreds and the best thing is they are all totally free btw 0:01 – 2:51 was brilliant

  6. martinezmcpasche92 Says:

    holy shit 256 players!

  7. TheCondemnedProphet Says:

    mag looks so much better than mass effect!

  8. jedisaver522 Says:

    mass effect is better but i see your views TheCondemnedProphet i just like mass effect better

  9. L337ROFL Says:



  10. rayRayeq Says:

    i downloaded this on my personal computer for absolutely free. just google ”ps3 quick download” and is it the first link. What a no questions asked mondo ps3 video game… 🙂

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  11. Cloudsism Says:

    Want to get this game for free among other things? send me a message for a free Lockerz invite, all you gotta do is sign up.. and thats it.

  12. JIPPIX94 Says:

    i just got 100 quid for my birthday im gettin ME2 and MAG on friday cantg wait

  13. biacth911 Says:

    @martinezmcpasche92 imagine that on CSS, MW2, BF:BC2 and/or Halo 3, ODST, and Reach

  14. LeePeterag Says:

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  15. PlanAcid Says:

    Hey I just started a channel and was wondering if you could check it out and tell me what you think =D

  16. joeprice010 Says:

    oh cool…

  17. NOACCEPTANCE772 Says:

    MAG sucks ass.

  18. NerooLive Says:

    Nobody loves MAG. #Famili Guy

  19. recon294 Says:

    what happend to wearing your helment at comicon

  20. colafass Says:

    @martinezmcpasche92 lol thats nothing xD

  21. kjetil888 Says:

    how can 256 players be tactic? unless there is 100 squads

  22. kjetil888 Says:

    @PlanAcid it sucks 😛

  23. kumhalaj Says:


  24. sicandmorfacbani Says:

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  25. sicandmorfacbani Says:

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