How To Check A Capacitor – Electronic Repair How to check a capacitor and much much more. Amazing clear and precise instructions from an electronics repair genius, find out more – http

800 Watt Mosfet amplifier with 50V high power RF mosfet for 144Mhz Amateur Radio

This is a 800W 144Mhz mosfet Amateur Radio amplifier. Noteworthy compression sets in above 800 Watts. The maximum output is 1.1KW and efficiency is around 63% at 23dB gain with only ONE high power 50V rf mosfet. In the meantime I’ve combined two of these devices (homebrew 3dB 90 degree hybrids). The amp draws 50.5 Amps at 50 Volts and puts out 1450 Watts with 10 Watts of drive power. In CW this amplifier is capable of producing around 2KW but linearity suffers above 1.5KW and SSB use is not recommended at this power level. These devices develop a large amount of heat which has to be removed by forced air cooling or liquid cooling.

Electronic Parts to recycle and reuse

Take apart electronics and reuse the parts for your alt energy project. If you would like to have something recycled or help us in a recycling project please visit our web page

Swingfire heater with pulse jet engine at our amateur radio Station part 3

without turbo-heat-exchanger. Its extremely loud (near acoustic trauma). For this heater are three heat-exchanging devices available: the turbo-heat-exchanger (see part 2), a defrost-blower for deep-frozen engines (up to -60 °C) and a gas-water-heat exchanger.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technicians Job Descri

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technicians Job Description

VK3VCM portable HF Amateur Radio – Christmas Eve 2010

Operating portable HF from Gellibrand Park, in the suburb of Williamstown, Melbourne Australia on Christmas eve 2010. A quick look around the location and portable set up which consisted of a Buddipole Deluxe configured as a 40m dipole mounted on a tripod & 22 foot extendable mast. My transceiver is the newly released Kenwood TS-590s running 100 watts. Among the contacts made, I ended up having a very enjoyable QSO with Peter VK3YE who was also operating portable while visiting Southern Tasmania running QRP 5 watts on a Yaesu FT-817. A most enjoyable afternoon on HF from a beautiful location.

Electronic Art Project

The name of the piece is called Stochasticity. I built it to demonstrate the randomness that humans introduce into very precise systems. To find out more visit my budding website

ZU6HOT QSO with ZS6BNE – KARTS competing in the SARL Amateur Radio Summer QRP Contest 2010

Kempton Park Amateur Radio and Technical Society (KARTS) competing in the SARL Amateur radio Summer QRP contest. From Chloorkop hill grid locator KG43cw – Dated 22-Jan-2011 Here is Renier ZU6HOT calling CQ and Eddie ZS6BNE responding back. Check out the power meter at 01:19 The meter is set to the 20W scale and you can clearly see the deflection reading up to a max of 5W. We were actually getting mostly 3W out. The contest ran from 14:00 SAST until 17:00 SAST. Here is more information With 4 operators on Chloorkop we made a collective: 59 contacts Stephen ZS6SKY 22 Mario ZU6TAN 15 Stewart ZS6SGM 12 Renier ZU6HOT 10

GeekBeat.TV – CES 2011 | LG Electronics | Smart Technology in TVs, Appliances & Sneak Peak at 3D!

Browse the web while you watch TV! LG is building apps into their TVs and even has an add-on box for your current TV. And how about 3D glasses under and Wi-Fi in your appliances? See more episodes of at http

Lighthouse weekend amateur radio activity from Port Melbourne

Amateur radio activity from Port Melbourne lighthouse (rear light) on 21 August 2010. 28 contacts were made during 3 hours of operation, mostly on 40m SSB. ILLW number: AU0079. Event organised by ILLW: More info about the Port Melbourne lighthouses:

Electronics 101-How To Use A Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Continuity Tester

Electronics 101 How-to use a multimeter to measure voltage, amperage, resistance and continuity. Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Continuity Tester

Vintage Radio Flyer© Wagon

A nice wagon i bought from a flea market for 10 bucks, original paint and letterings! not damage at all, except a dent on the rim of the edge of the wagon, i know my camera’s mic suck, XD it’s disorted, time for a new camera, might get a kodak!

Munich students listening to astronaut Paolo Nespoli via amateur radio (ARISS contact with Lucca)

Preparing for their own scheduled radio contact with Paolo Nespoli on board the ISS, students of Luitpold-Gymnasium Munich are listening to the downlink of his ARISS-Contact with a school in Lucca, Italy (January 12, 2011).

Canon EOS 60D Tutorial – Electronic Level Display 6/14

EOS 60D: On-Camera Tutorials Canon On-Camera Tutorial Videos explore a specific feature or technology of the EOS 60D.

WD4AM Amateur Radio FM Repeaters

A special thanks to Jimmy N4YR and all the repeaters owners for your hard work. If we don’t use these repeaters we will lose them. 73’s WD4AM Mike D. McCoy Lenoir, NC

Asahi Glass demos Dragontrail, a tough glass for consumer electronics

TOKYO (01/20/2011) — Japan’s Asahi Glass unveiled on Thursday Dragontrail, a new glass aimed at smartphones and tablet PCs that is is about six times as tough as conventional soda-lime glass.

CES-2011 3D OLED-Television from LG-Electronics LG-Electronics introduced a 31 inch 3D OLED-Television at CES-2011. Brilliant Picture Quality Life-Like colors, stunning brightness, superior clarity and contrast, and spectacular vision from any angle made possible by OLED technology.More about OLED at http

Albert Lea Amateur Radio Club Party 2011

Video of the annual Albert Lea Amateur Radio Club Christmas party. This party has been a tradition for many decades now. To see the ALARC ham radio home page click here:

Vintage Radio Gods – Life On The Interstate (Home Movie version)

Vintage Radio Gods Life On The Interstate (Music Video: Home Movie version) ℗ © 2008, 2009, 2011 Royal Palm Records

Batteries – A to Z of Electronics

The history and technology in batteries. This video was generously sponsored by

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