How to Build Electronic Circuits : How Schematics are Used in Electronics

Learn the basics about schematics and how they are used in electronics in this free home maintenance video. Expert: Ross Safronoff Bio: Ross Safronoff started using a two piece VHS camera system, and then progressed to a 8mm camcorder, then Hi-8, followed by a mini-DV, and finally a Digital8. Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff



Amateur Radio Station G4JNN and DF4SQ – 1981

Radio Hams G4JNN and DF4SQ on the 14 MHz amateur radio band. The rig is an old KW 2000 Transceiver. Recorded: 5th December 1981. Published by Paul Corrigan G4JNN in 2009.

Sharp Electronics Quattron quad pixel technology w George Takei

Sharp Electronics introduces its brand new line of Quattron quad pixel AQUOS LED TVs. New TV spot stars renowned actor George Takei of ‘Star Trek” fame as a Sharp TV engineer introducing the new Quattron quad pixel technology. The new LED TVs now add a fourth color- yellow- to the standard 3-color RGB TV format delivering a vast array of colors never before seen on television. The spot portrays the amazement of the intense colors and amazing picture quality deliverd by the new Quattron LED TVs.

FRO kurs i Höllviken


Nu har några av Katrineholms radioamatörer varit på FRO kurs i Höllviken, det handlade om grundutbildning av signalister. Man kan lugnt säga att det var väldigt lyckat och lärorikt. Själva boendet går inte av för hackor och man kan gotta sig rejält i den goda maten och den trevliga puben, rummen var mycket fina och det kändes som man var på rena semesteranläggningen. Själva kursen var väldigt intressant och lärarna var mycket duktiga och kunniga.


Här är det dags för resning av civilförsvarets höganten och det krävdes hjälm, risken att få nåt i skallen finns ju alltid. Att få upp en antenn snabbt kräver bra samarbete och jag tycker det gick ok (jag SA5BHL till höger i vita t-shirten)


Här reser ett gäng högantenn ett som ansågs som svårast, dom fixade det bra och snabbt.


Två av lärarna som lärde ut hur man tar ut kordinater på kartor med hjälp av UMT systemet.


Slutövningen bestog av ett scenario med översvämmning av ett antal orter och det handlade om att skicka meddelanden via radio och göra det på rätt sätt, samt att läsa kartor och markera olika händelser.


På kvällen så blev det snack i puben här SM5TEY, SA5YLX, killen i mitten har jag inget namn på men han tillhörde Hemvärnets insatsstyrka. Till höger SM5TAH.


Man kunde verkligen njuta på kvällarna och titta på den fina solnedgången över Öresund.

Jag skickar en hälsning till alla som deltog på kursen och till lärarna och tackar för en underbar vecka.

Lars-Ove Törnebohm SA5BHL

Vintage Radio Nordemende Rigoletto

Ciaran shows his old valve radio working.

Clegg 99’er six meter ham-amateur radio transceiver 1961 Floyd Virginia LCF Group & http 1-540-808-2880 -floydlcfgroup@gmail – PO box 179 Floyd,Virginia 24091 Clegg 99er is a Compact top quality 6 meter transceiver made in 1961. LCF School LCFschoolThis is a tube unit and will operate on 110vac with a built in power supply or external 12 volt unit. The transmitter is crystal controlled and receiver covers the lower 2 Mhz of the 6 meter amateur radio band. This unit purchased in the 90’s in flea market at the Dayton Hamvention. You can learn about Clegg Labs company by doing a Google search. Clegg made may different versions of 2 and 6 meter ham radios— this was in the real hayday of ham radio when the circuits were simple and you could see all the parts and understand how a unit actually worked and even build you own with out much difficulty. This video was produced by the LCF Group, ( We are on The Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail and the Round The Mountain Artisan and Craftsman Venue as a great place to visit ) Floyd Professional Center, Village Green, Floyd Virginia. The LCF Group consist of David Larsen KK4WW, Gaynell Larsen KK4WWW and Dee Wallace KG4VMI. We are all radio amateurs and also are Directors of The Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service ( FAIRS) also located in Floyd Virginai. N4USA is the radio call for FAIRS and we have operated in Dominica as J79WW J79WWW J79VMI and many other countries. We are members of The Floyd Amateur Radio Society FARS. The LCF Group (1-540-745-2322) ham radio morse code cw

TC Electronic G-System VS. heavy vehicles

G-System crash tested by increasingly heavy vehicles including a Leopard tank… Don’t try this at home!



Amateur Radio Police Interceptor Car

My 2000 Crown Vic Police Interceptor,KB0KBJ

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Ep. 1: All Your History S1E25 Click this to watch 2009 Gaming: All Your History (Decade’s End) S1E24! Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Ep. 1: All Your History S1E25 Ever since its founding, CES has been the site of technology’s biggest reveals. In this first episode of our retrospective, watch and see how the growing electronics industry made its own trade show to wow the world. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: yt:quality=high machinima CES Consumer Electronics Show 2010 2009 global international industry leaders professional research exhibition expo all your history base are belong to us product conference representatives exhibit dates event resources us united states sponsor location place e3

Vintage Radio Shack Realistic Modulaire 8 Track Stereo

This is an old Radio Shack stereo I found in the trash. I was surprised how good it sounds for what it is. It is just playing through small 5″ Sony bookshelf speakers, and I can’t believe how good the bass can be. I will probably rebuild this one if it cleans up well.

Amateur Radio 10GHz digital record across Bass Strait in VK

On the 23rd June 2009 Rex VK7MO and Justin VK7TW travelled to Mt Barrow in Northern Tasmania and Dave VK3HZ travelled to Mt Fatigue in Gipplsland Victoria and set a 10GHz Digital record of 325km. This video is a summary of the record setting day along with a record of the equipment used. For more information on Amateur Radio take a look at: or http

Plastic Electronics!?

Using plastic instead of silicon for electronics.. ”the new age cometh”

1936 Atwater Kent Model 856 Vintage Radio

Recorded on October 3, 2009 using a Flip Ultra HD video camcorder. The step-by-step restoration procedure of this radio can be viewed at these two links on the Antique Radio Forum:

ISS Amateur Radio Recording – 17 January 2007

ISS Amateur Radio Recording – 17 January 2006 – Sunita Williams chatting with students at Romeo Elementary in Florida. This was recorded from Woolrich, Pennsylvania. 41.135006 -77.448109 FN11gd

EEVblog #54 – Electronics – When I was a boy…

Dave goes Back to the Future and talks about how he got started in electronics.

1936 Philco model 37-610 vintage radio

A just repaired and restored Philco model 37-610 vintage radio. This is the link to the step-by-step procedure used to recreate the faux finish, aka: photo-finish..

Amateur Radio Documentary On Malaysia Television RTM 1 Uploaded By 9W2PJU

Amateur Radio RTM 1 Documentary – 9W2PJU Credits to 9m2aur and friends

Philips Electronic Tattoo

In this Philips Design Probe, human body is explored as a platform for electronics and interactive skin technology. Stimulated by touch, an Electronic Tattoo traverses across the landscape of body, navigated by desire.

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