Labba med elektronik online

Circuit Lab låter dig leka med elektroniska kretsar online. Perfekt för den som vill testa lite ideer. Allt ligger online och programmet är flexibelt och enkelt att komma in i.

Circuit Lab

Organic and printed electronics explained In the printing process electronic functional materials, either liquid or pasty, are replacing printing inks. Thus printed electronics can be used for multiple purposes – either for light design or touch sensors, for solar cells or battery technologies. More infos at http and

TC Electronic Nova Repeater Delay Pedal Review

Get instant access to FREE guitar lessons at . Learn about the TC Electronic Nova Repeater delay pedal in this gear review. . Resources

Deathwish Electronics Death From Above Octave/Fuzz

Classic Fuzz with that classic Jimi style octave up massacre in a foot-switchable formula


Hi there. Check out my electronics ebay store that is geared towards hobbyists. Visit

Skreddy Echo – Fromel Electronics Lush in the FX Loop

Skreddy echo – fromel electronics lush in the FX loop

Lecture 00-Jack Simons- Introduction to Electronic Structure Theory Lecture Series

This brief video offers an overview of what I intend to cover in the subsequent twelve lecture sessions. (1)Jack Simons Electronic Structure Theory- Session 1- Born-Oppenheimer approximation (2)Jack Simons Electronic Structure Theory- Session 2- Hartree-Fock (3)Jack Simons Electronic Structure Theory- Session 3- Dynamical pair correlations (4)Jack Simons Electronic Structure Theory- Session 4- Linear combinations of atomic orbitals (5)Jack Simons Electronic Structure Theory- Session 5- Basis sets (6)Jack Simons Electronic Structure Theory- Session 6- Møller-Plesset perturbation theory (7)Jack Simons Electronic Structure Theory- Session 7- Configuration interaction theory (8)Jack Simons Electronic Structure Theory- Session 8- Coupled-cluster theory (9)Jack Simons Electronic Structure Theory- Session 9- Metastable anions (10)Jack Simons Electronic Structure Theory- Session 10- Error trends (11)Jack Simons Electronic Structure Theory- Session 11- Density functional theory (12)Jack Simons Electronic Structure Theory- Session 12- Gradients and reaction paths ====== These lectures are intended to provide graduate students in chemistry and related fields, experimental chemists, and theoretical chemists specializing in other sub-disciplines with an introduction to the underpinnings of

Horizon’s NEW MiniPak – compact fuel cell power supply for your power-hungry portable electronics

Horizon is proud to announce the start of shipments of MiniPak – its first handheld fuel cell product, powered by mass-produced Horizon micro-fuel cells and new low-cost hydrogen storage cartridges. The MiniPak addresses the power gap created by increasingly power-hungry devices and limited improvements in the batteries that power them. It also helps bring myriads of low cost USB devices traditionally designed to be linked to the PC – into portable off-grid settings. This disruptive development is now available and other important announcements should follow shortly – WATCH THIS SPACE!

2-Bit Gaming – 017 – Game.Com (Alternatives to Gameboy)

A show that details many aspects of the video game industry. Episode 017 is the first in a series of videos about alternatives to the Gameboy. Tiger Electronics’s Game.Com couldn’t make a dent in the handheld gaming market, watch to find out why. Watch all my 2-Bit episodes in Order:

Atoms to X-Rays: Spin Electronics

Join physicist Frances Hellman for a fascinating presentation about semiconducting and magnetic materials and her research into what is called ”spin electronics,” which strives to use unique combinations of these materials to control electrons. Series: ”Atoms to X-Rays” [4/2002] [Science] [Show ID: 5937]

Electronic Ignition Distributor

Video deals with electronic distributor ignition systems. Although most systems today are DIS or COP (no distributor) there are a lot of these systems on the road today. Use this video as an ASE exam helper or a refresher. From our ASE A8 interactive exam course.

Industrial Electronic Repair Industrial Electronic Repair Program for ABB, Allen Bradley, Baldor, Barber Colman, Control Techniques, Cutler Hammer, Eurotherm, General Electric, Magnetek, Modicon, Reliance, Siemens, TB Woods, Telemechanique, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Yaskawa to name a few of the most common.

Drive-By-Wire or Electronic Throttle Actuator

The electronic throttle control or drive-by-wire system, without throttle cable, is now found in virtually all modern vehicles. This system does away with the throttle cable. The main purpose for the drive-by-wire is to place the ECM in control of the torque output. This videos is an excerpt of our ASE study course. Learn the drive-by-wire principles here and how to test its related sensors. From our ASE A8 interactive study course.

Velleman VM134 PIC programmer board (electronic kit K8076)

An excellent PIC programmer from Velleman. I bought this particular board as a kit (Velleman K8076) few months ago, and it took me little more than an hour to assemble. It has a ZIF socket, so you can use if to program several PICs easily. In this video you can see the datalines being tested with the software included on the CD that comes with this board.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR/EHR) Best Practice

Microwize, news cover for how they turn practices to use top Medical Billing Software and Electronics Medical Record ”EMR or EHR”

Flexible, stretchable electronics

Flexible, stretchable electronics Computing devices do not have to be rigid and flat, but could be delightfully twisty, says John Rogers, professor of material science

Module – 1 Lecture – 4 Diode Rectifier Circuits

Lecture Series on Basic Electronics by Dr.Chitralekha Mahanta, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering ,IIT Guwahati. For more details on NPTEL visit

CATIA V6 | Electronics & Circuit Board Design (PCB) | CATIA Flexible Printed Circuit Board

CATIA V6 R2011x introduces CATIA Flexible Circuit Board product to leverage the collaborative design of flexible circuit boards for the high tech and auto supply chain industries. Smaller and smarter products with more electronics require circuit boards designed on flexible supports. CATIA Flexible Circuit Board delivers a fully automated process for the design and development of electro-mechanical devices. It also provides a collaborative design approach with Electronic CAD systems (ECAD) via efficient design change management. Please visit our Web pages for more information: CATIA V6 | Electronics & Circuit Board Design (PCB) | CATIA Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Flight of The Conchords-The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room

There will be more cool vids coming soon!!! Flight of the conchords music video- check out my channel if you like. some other funny vids

Chord Electronics Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate CPA 8000 Dual Mono SPM14000 Custom Electronic Design

As good as it gets. Gods own Hi-Fi. The very best Chord Hi Fi money can buy. Also seen are Dynaudios top of the range speakers, in total over £100000.00 of kit on demo at: Custom Electronic Design Limited, 11, Charter Place, High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9EA Tel – 01784 470881

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