TX Factor-Episode 12

TV-show om amatörradio

Texten är från SSA´s hemsida

”TX-Faktor är en ny serie av HD-TV-shower som täcker alla sidor av hobbyn amatörradio. Våra presentatörer förklarar amatörradions historia, radiostationer, antenner, trafiksätt, vågutbredning, utbildning, klubbnyheter, RSGB-nyheter (RSGB är den brittiska motsvarigheten till SSA), världsnyheter – i själva verket vad som helst och allting!
TX-Faktor är ett professionellt producerat program som presenteras av radioamatörer och för radioamatörer – så kolla in våra senaste avsnitt för att ta reda på var TX-Faktor har att erbjuda.”

Avsnitten publiceras på YouTube och planen är att det skall komma ett avsnitt per månad. Det första avsnittet är tillgängligt sedan den 21 februari och avsnitt två läggs ut 21 mars.

Det här är amatörradio

Film från radioloppisen i Norrköping 2013

Amatörradioloppisen i Norrköping blev en trevlig tillställning, nya bättre lokaler var helt klart ett lyft! Katrineholms Radioamatörer SA5RG deltog med några bord och fick en hel del sålt, tack alla ni som kom fram till oss och pratade bort en stund. Tack till SK5BN och FRO för en fint ordnad tillställning.

Film från radioloppisen i Norrköping 2013

Norska radioamatörer på field day

Hittade en liten film om radioamatörer i Norge som är på field day.

AE6YB – Amateur Radio

AE6YB, a modest but effective ham radio station.

British Columbia Wireless Amateur Radio Network- Live Mobile Demo

The BCWARN infrastructure includes and supports: * Electronic Mail via WinLink (over 2.4ghz microwave, AX.25 packet radio and Pactor3) * D-Star Digital voice and data * VoiceOverIP using Asterisk private branch exchange (PBX) open source telephony switching technology * File sharing * Remote printing and facsimile * Video conferencing & instant messaging www.bcwarn.net

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1755.wmv

AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE(tm) REPORT 1755 Released April 1st 2011 IS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW This weeks newscast anchored by Fred Vobbe, W8HDU arnewsline.org You can also download the full mp3 at radioquebec.net

UK portable 60m amateur radio operation

Recording of a portable 60 metre SOTA activation of GW/NW-051 Foel Fenlli by GW0PEB/P on 20th February 2010. This video shows reception at the station of G0VOF in Blackburn, Lancashire, locator IO83SS & illustrates the NVIS properties of the 5MHz band around midday during late winter in the UK.

The Ham Band Video

The Ham Band is Andrew (G3WZZ/OZ1XJ/OZ5E), his wife Lissa and a group of Nashville session musicians. All the songs are about amateur radio and the booklet which comes with the ”Seek You” CD tells the whole story of contests, dx-peditions, antennas etc. The Ham Band has just finished their new song/video which describes the whole process of building a modern amateur radio station and at the same time enables the listener/viewer to learn Morse code – yes all the letters and numbers are in there! The video lasts about 20 minutes and there are 19 musicians playing in three different musical styles (French Musette, Viennese Waltz and German Oompah). The music changes key 24 times which means that this musical work may get into the Guinness Book of World Records! You can view the first quarter (about 5 minutes) of the video for free at www.hamband.com

Qik – #hamradio by Amateur Radio Station K6JEB

Streamed by Amateur Radio Station K6JEB in United States. More at qik.com Qik is the fastest way to upload videos to YouTube from your mobile phone. Find out more at qik.com.

Y08 Amateur Radio Festival in Tokyo, Sales Agent

Nichiei-Musen is a one of a Japanese sales agent dealing Amateur Radio equipment. You may can know Japanese transceiver’s price level in Japan. After 00:30 is ‘used’. 会場内で販売店を出していた「日栄ムセン」です。

HF Bicycle Mobile Amateur Radio – Video 1 – System overview

Demonstration of a prototype bicycle mobile amateur radio station for 15m and 2m. I hope to reduce the quantity of duct tape in due course. I made no contacts in this video but have had success with the same setup, best DX Cuba. Further information: mm0hai.net mm0hai.net Pay no attention to the audio behind the wind-noise – I doubt it was anything important.

Amateur Radio Field Day 2010 – Northwest Arkansas

Field Day for ham radio operators in northwest Arkansas. June 26, 2010. Thanks to Benton County Radio Operators, AA5AR, N5NTI, K5GOE and WC5AR. Video by K5KVN.

Amateur Radio Newsline March 25th 2011 (part 1 of 3).wmv

arnewsline.org weekly news report. Also available for download from arnewsline.org website and radioquebec.net Heard on air on our repeater via echolink 146.850 (-) CTCSS 107.2

TV rabbit ears goes amateur radio

another project folks! enjoy

Solar Powered Amateur Radio Shack.wmv

A Video Tour of VK5SW’s Solar Shack

Amateur Radio Station G4JNN and ON6XJ – 1981

Radio Hams: G4JNN – Paul Corrigan, 26 years old. QTH – Bradford, West Yorkshire. ON6XJ – Jose, 53 years old. QTH – Temse, Belgium. QSO on 14 MHz, SSB. The rig is an old KW 2000 Transceiver. Recorded: Saturday 5th December 1981. Time 12:03 GMT.

VHF Field Day 2009 (Amateur Radio)

Members of the Thornton Cleveleys Amateur Radio Society (TCARS) enjoying a weekend under canvas in a field near Great Eccleston, The Fylde, Lancashire. The video shows the preparation of the aerials and also the operating of the equipment on VHF Fleld Day, 2009.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report March 18th 2011- Part (1 of 2)

This weekly report is brought to you by : arnewsline.org You may download the full mp3 file directly from our website radioquebec.net AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE(tm) REPORT 1753 RELEASED March 17 2011 This weeks newscast anchored by Don bWilbanks, AE5DW

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